Ferrari 458 Gets Destroyed By a Supermodel

Okay, I am about to ruin your day. That supermodel absolutely destroyed a perfectly good Ferrari and I’m going to guess car insurance won’t cover this! I guess that is what you get when you fall asleep in bed with your side piece.  Also, if you are going to be as stupid as this guy, you should at least keep your sledge hammer out of reach! As for the model, I guess she is not a Ferrari aficionado.  I guess she does not appreciate the high-gloss, red paint job that makes this car such a standout. Ferrari is known for their superior paint jobs. She obviously did not care much for the superior leather interior either since she smashes out both the front and driver side windows. 

It was tough to see that glass fly all over the beautiful interior of the Ferrari, huh? Ouch! Yet, the melee is not over.  She goes on a rampage disfiguring that amazing vehicle. After she smashes out the windows and doles out damage to the fenders, doors, and hood; she takes a whack at the wheels.However, the mallet bounces back like a rubber ball.  The wheels do not gain so much as a scratch. Why is that you say? Well, as it turns out, this entire Ferrari destruction was orchestrated by none other than Forgiato Wheels. It is an advertising campaign designed to show how durable their rims are. Forgiato not only wants to be known for luxury, but quality as well.

Their answer to that was to have a supermodel swing a sledge hammer at a Ferrari that is in pristine condition.  Ferrari is known for their quality and craftsmanship, so one taking kisses from a sledge hammer is quite painful.  Some of you may have even screamed.  No worries though, all is well. Breathe easy my friends.


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The entire event was staged. It seems that Forgiato has gotten more than a few people’s attention with their clever ad. Now that you know this was a sales gimmick, go back an