Kayla Takes the Lamborghini Challenge

Everyone of us has experienced a bar game or two in our life. Typically, they are rigged, and winning is impossible. Well, what if you could play a similar sort of game with one of the world’s fastest vehicles? Furthermore, what if you could do that with a bikini-clad girl in the passenger seat? Okay, so you would probably not be able to concentrate on the game.Well let me be your candy man today my friends. That is exactly what is happening. The beautiful Kayla is told she can have a $100 bill if she can grab it from the dashboard. Seems easy enough, until you factor in the obvious… she is riding shotgun in a yellow Lamborghini. That makes things a little more difficult.

Why The Lamborghini is Problematic for Kayla

Remember friends, a Lamborghini is a beast on the road. They are built to be aerodynamic. They have drive trains that transfer power effortlessly, and they can go from 0 to 100 mph in under three seconds. Now, I know where you are headed. That might be plenty of time to grab a $100 bill from a dashboard in your opinion, but let me make a few poignant observations.

You are not wearing a leopard print bikini, and you don’t have legs for days so your postulating is irrelevant! Plus, she has one other obstacle that you don’t have. No, not those! I’m talking about her shoulder belt. You’ll likely be able to see that she does not take into account the fact that the shoulder belt might be a hindrance at first.

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Yet, after generating a few Gs she takes notice. When she does figure it out, the driver pulls over and graciously helps her remove the pesky shoulder harness. Then, she tries a f