The Camaro That Can Make Any Girl Smile

So “Ashley”, is enjoying a nice ride in one amazing Camaro. Beside being adorably cute, she is also having the ride of her life, as evidenced by the big smile she is sporting and the way her hair is flying all over the place. Yet before you ask, “What is so big about a hot girl riding in a Camaro?,” let me explain. There is more going on here than the Camaro that played Bumblebee in the Transformers Movies. While he was good, this one is much, much better. Riding in it could put a smile on any girl’s face.

The New Chevy Camaro is Good

When they re-imagined the Camaro, Chevy went to great lengths to make sure it paid homage to its 1969 production models. The look is a bit updated, but under the hood, she has an engine that produces 580 horsepower. That is screaming fast in its own right. It puts it right up there with any Dodge product, and can certainly hold its own against Ford’s Mustang. What makes it different is the 556 lbs of foot torque, evident from the moment you step on the accelerator. This thing is like nothing you have ever driven. The low profile, high performance tires provide enough traction to help you corner on a dime and move down the road with all the grace of a professional ballet dancer.

The Hennessy 750 HP Camaro ZL1 is Better

However, as impressive as that is, the one featured is a Camaro with a 750 horsepower engine. Whatever differences there were before Chevy and its competitors, this modification turns the gap into a canyon! The ZL1 mod really tricks out the Camaro, turning it into a road beast.

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You can get a kit from Hennessy motors if you are a do-it-yourself mechanic or have it professionally upgraded. Either way, once you are finished you’ll have something you ca