Forest Fires Meet Their Match With The Bulldog Fire Truck

It’s something straight out of a special mission in Grand Theft Auto – a fire truck on an International MaxxForce chassis, fighting forest fires with a staggering array of water…

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Old 5 Ton Truck Saves a Chevy Big Time

A lot of times when the military gets rid of old trucks, it’s mostly because something new and shiny is getting phased in. However, a lot of really good hardware…

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Four Chevy Silverados Pull Down a Building

Ah, the joys of owning a car dealership. We see four medium duty Chevy Silverados pulling down the front facade of an old auto lot to make way for the…

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Which 2015 Truck is Really Best in Class?

It’s one of the burning questions in the automobile world: which truck is the best in class? We’re talking here about the top end models, the mighty workhorses of the…

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Mercedes New Off-Road Truck is a Luxurious Beast

Mercedes just released their version of a mobile home, yes – a mobile home, that blows every other mobile home out of the water. You will love the luxury that…

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Will Aluminum Trucks Sink or Swim?

With the constant pressure to improve the energy efficiency of all motor vehicles, truck manufacturers are definitely getting squeezed. One of the most recent “discoveries” in matter of automotive manufacturing…

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