German Man Bashes Apart BMW in Frankfurt

BMW is one of the premier names in German engineering. Whether this automotive manufacturer is making advances in driverless technology or bringing fuel economy to the world of performance sedans – BMW has always been right there at the forefront. So when we see two German businessmen get out and beat a brand new BMW M5, the audience understandably looks on with a mix of amusement and horror. What inspired these men to make this statement and what did BMW do wrong?! As it turns out, on the side of the BMW – in German – reads something to the extent of “aware BMW fraudsters / poor law”. What does that even mean? Apparently, it was an attempt to bring attention to BMW’s recent lack of customer appreciation with Hadi Pourmohseni’s purchase of an unknowingly defective M5.

Unfortunately, not every customer will be pleased with BMW. A history of extremely touchy mechanics has left a bad taste in a few long time buyers. The reason? BMW engineers their line of sedans and SUVs with very mechanically sensitive parts. In the effort to continue engineering the next generation of luxury vehicles, the engineers inadvertently push the envelope. And for an estimated $160,000 MSRP, there is plenty of reason to be concerned. As Pourmohseni’s demonstration in front of the Frankfurt International Motor Show, when large purchases are made – customer service really needs to be commensurate.

For drivers in the US, though, thankfully there are very decent warranties on new purchases of BMWs. Especially the M series – which is seen as the upper crust of luxury performance coupes and sedans – BMW in the United States offers a variety of services to buyers of new and certified used BMW cars and SUVs. Everything from BMW certified mechanics changing the oil and fluids regularly to backing the components for nearly 100,000 miles – the company appears to put a lot of effort into ensuring each of their vehicles stays in good working order.

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That’s the problem with high performance luxury vehicles – they are designed with the highest grade components designed to withstand a set of parameters that most drivers w