Pontiac GTO vs Buick: All Bark No Bite

This may be a prank, but the fact remains some people do foolishly race each other on the streets. High performance cars are not new to the USA, and the temptation to gun your classic Pontiac GTO at amazing speeds, racing a friend’s equally vintage Challenger, is difficult to resist. The dangers, however, are always close by.

Street racing isn’t new; in the 1950’s newly liberated youngsters raced their customized Ford Model A’s in semi-organized meets; the sheer excitement of the speed and the sound was something to behold. It was dangerous then, and it’s even more so now with high powered Ferraris, Maseratis and Corvettes going head to head under the streetlights. Speed and street furniture, quite simply, don’t mix.

Fatalities and injuries on the roads are a fact of life; accidents will happen, and often the outcome is tragic. Modern cars may be intrinsically very safe, and may also have colossal performance ability, but the roads we use daily are not designed for high speeds. That’s why we have speed limits, and it’s why they should be adhered to. (more…)

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One car hitting a street lamp is dangerous enough; two cars colliding with each other doubles the impact speed, and adds to the risk of injury. Fun it may be, but street racing al