Pontiac GTO vs Buick: All Bark No Bite

This may be a prank, but the fact remains some people do foolishly race each other on the streets. High performance cars are not new to the USA, and the…

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car transport

DIY Vehicle Transport – Unloading A Car The Wrong Way

We can safely say that we’ve seen it all when it comes to crazy vehicle transport antics, but apparently, some fine folks wanted to show us there’s always just one…

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Meet The Fastest Car In The World In 2016 By Hennessey

At a price tag of just under $1.5 million, you too can get behind the wheel of one of the world’s fastest cars – the Hennessey Venom GT. Clocked at…

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BMW Motorcycle Vs. Bugatti Veyron

This shows a race between a BMW motorcycle and a Bugatti Veyron. Actually, it shows two out of three uncut races, and it is pretty spectacular stuff. BMW and Bugatti…

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Why I Want The Dodge Challenger A/T Untamed Concept

Such is the way of the world that, more than ever, an automobile need not just be a means of getting from place to place; these days, you can find…

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A Closer Look at EV: What’s Right For You

The buzzword in automobile circles right now is the Electric Vehicle (EV) and it looks set to remain so for some time. Ecologically friendly, quiet and easy to fuel up,…

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Ferrari 458 Gets Destroyed By a Supermodel

Okay, I am about to ruin your day. That supermodel absolutely destroyed a perfectly good Ferrari and I’m going to guess car insurance won’t cover this! I guess that is…

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Kawasaki Ninja Going 300km/h Gets Passed By a Station Wagon

On the freeways, it’s common to see a Kawasaki Ninja rev up next to the nicest sports car on the road and then promptly rocket away at blazing fast speeds.…

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