Cool & Unusual Custom BBQ Grills From Around The World


You may think that there are just a few things objectively better than a finely tuned motorbike. If you think that, then you must agree that a passenger cart that also doubles as a BBQ grill is one of those few things. It’s too bad that no motorcycle company sells packages like this out the gate. You’d have to weld this one on by yourself.

Imagine opening up the hood of your car and finding something like this there. You would be straight out blown away, or you’d be pretty glad that you’d found snacks to help you along on your journey. But seriously— this is one BBQ grill that would look simply amazing on the corner of a street somewhere.

Some say that robots will soon rise and take over our world. Others say that will never happen because robots will never become as smart as human beings. What both of these people should be able to agree on is the fact that grills made out of robots are pretty neat. It’s also a nice touch that this robot is smoking too— because that’s what you do when you have a grill inside of you!

This BBQ grill comes in the shape of a car’s skeleton, and although it looks sort of crude, it’s still very creative. What makes this grill so interesting is that it was probably not made by someone with complex tools and a lot of experience— but still came out looking nice. Look at the crude workmanship on that thing!

Before seeing this grill, you probably thought that barbecue grills cannot be works of art. You probably thought they could only be boring slabs of metal. But, as you may have already guessed, you were wrong— and fantastically so. This metal grill is an exquisitely framed head that looks like something out of a metal dystopia. The fact that you can see the fire through one eye is also a magnificent touch.

We have so much respect for this guy.

The one thing about grills is that they are always found outside, and on the ground. Never inside, and on the ground, or outside, and on a ledge. But this grill, although quite simple in appearance, changes that completely. Imagine attaching this grill to the window of your New York Apartment building. You’d surely be breaking some sort of building or city code, but just imagine the stares it’d get!

There’s one thing you can be certain of; no one was sitting around selling a steampunk grill that probably weighs a ton. Someone had to think this up, speak to a welder, and have it fashioned. And we really owe that person a lot of thanks. This is may not be the grill that we wanted— but it is the one that we need.

We’ve seen a lot of car designs, but every time we see one, it manages to be even crazier than the last. This grill is even more remarkable because it doesn’t look like a smaller model of a car. It actually looks like an actual car was sawed in half and then repurposed for a BBQ grill. Whatever really happened, we just know that this is one grill that will no doubt earn you a few respectful stares from people. It comes with tires too, which is pretty neat.

Cars are amazing things. In fact, they may just be the most important things that we’ve ever invented. And what better way to immortalize the mechanical magic of cars than by turning one of the most iconic buses into a grill? When alight, this grill looks so dangerously beautiful, that cooking with it is sure to be a treat.

Sausages, grills, and beers are just two of the numerous things that turns an average Saturday into an amazing one. Now, imagine a grill that helps you combine all three elements. Okay, we know that this sort of grill is kinda impractical, and to be honest, we don’t have the full details of how it’s supposed to work, but you can’t deny that it looks creative.

First of all, what? Second of all, why? And third of all, where? We simply don’t have the words to describe this— whatever it is. But we’ll try it anyway. Apparently, this is a BBQ grill that’s made out of what all BBQ grills are made out of— metal. However, that metal is in the shape of a shopping trolley, which is just more than a little bit peculiar. Would you ever create such an odd contraption?

Fun fact 1; trains are made out of metal. Fun fact 2; metals are what BBQ grills are made out of. Fun fact 3; tiny metal trains make interesting BBQ grills. While some may rightly argue that this entire contraption looks a bit too much for just a basic grill, others would argue that there’s no price too high to pay for art. And that is what this is— art.

We don’t know what this is supposed to look like. Is it the eye of Sauron? It certainly looks like the eye of Sauron. Whether you agree or not, you can’t deny that this is one interesting looking BBQ grill. However, we do think it looks pretty heavy and would be quite difficult to move about.

If you’ve not heard of this startling statistic, well nows the time. The Venn diagram of people who own jeeps and people who own BBW grills is almost like a perfect circle. We imagine that most people in that diagram would love to own a jeep that worked as a BBQ grill and a BBQ grill that looked like a jeep.

Here’s another Robot BBQ grill, but this one looks like it has been through a lot. Like it and its comrades tried to rise up and defeat humanity, but lost the war and were discarded when the light finally went out of its eyes. After being discarded, someone probably went to pick it out in the trash, hollowed out its insides, and turned it into a BBQ grill.
This story, as fantastical as it may sound, is a better explanation for the shape and indeed the existence of this BBW grill than anything else.

Everyone and their mums know that anyone who owns a truck automatically owns a very big BBQ grill. In fact, one time, a truck company wanted to give BBQ grills with each truck bought— but they found out that no one was taking the BBQ grills home. Why? Well, the reason was simple— they already had one. This truck shaped grill comes with soft squishy wheels that mean it can be rolled anywhere and everywhere.

Yeahhhhh. You wouldn’t want your food to be prepared with something that looks like a toilet. Well, that’s under ordinary circumstances. But this is an extraordinary BBQ grill, so this is definitely not ordinary circumstances. The fact that the water closet homes ice blocks and a couple of beers make this one of the most useful BBQ grills we’ve ever seen. It’s not every time you see a BBQ grill that acts as a grill and a crude icebox of sorts. And is entirely housed in a toilet.

Yup, we’ve got another BBQ grill fashioned out of a small model of a bus. However, the thing about this one is that it generally looks better made. It is painted, has way better workmanship, and has a long exhaust that totally looks impractical on the small car. Wait, almost everything looks impractical— especially the massive fire going on inside the car.

We’ve seen vans, robots, cars, trains, and even trucks. But this one— this one is different. It looks a lot like the earliest Rolls Royce, but the back of the car looks a) badly made and b) like the back of a truck, if that makes sense. At least, it has wheels, so when you eventually have to roll it away to die in the shed, you’d be able to do it easily.

One of the most important things we’ve accomplished as a species is the ability to lift off and touch the skies. And we’ve been home past that. We’ve actually walked on the moon— something that we couldn’t have imagined a hundred years ago. That just shows how remarkable humankind can be. And what better way to remind ourselves of that fact than by making a BBQ grill out of a turbine engine? But seriously, where would you even find a turbine engine?

When we first saw this picture, we immediately asked why. Because this isn’t just a BBQ grill fashioned from the remnants of a car. It looks like a BBQ grill that’s made to be towed around by a truck. And the only question we were able to ask when we faced this extraordinary grill. Why would anyone want to tow a BBQ grill around? We still haven’t gotten an answer. What do you think? Why would anyone take the time and effort to make something like this?

Since humans figured how to build cylindrical containers that could stay beneath the waves and escape detection, we’ve not looked back. We’ve improved on the basic design of the submarine for so many years, and it’s nice to have a look at the next step in the submarine evolution; the BBQ sub. Isn’t it just a beauty to look at?

A lot of the BBQ grills we’ve seen have had widely impractical designs, and have been quite simple affairs when it came to the grill itself. But this grill is a negation of all of that. It has a pretty small and compact design, and you have the feeling that every single square inch is useful. Additionally, the BBQ grill has a cover— which has been missing from a lot of these grills.

Is there a mask more iconic than Iron Man’s mask? We seriously doubt it. It doesn’t matter where you see the mask— whether it’s on a mural at the corner of your street, in a company’s logo, a random B-rated movie, or the body of a BBQ grill— you’ll always recognize Iron Man’s mask, without fail. If you want to start a comics related discussion at your gathering, and you don’t know how to go about it, well, you’ve got your answer.

Is it a bike? Is it a hearse with a bike? Is it a bike transporting a safe box? Well, it’s none of the above. It’s a BBQ box attached to a motorcycle. Generally speaking, when out and about, most people don’t like to show off their BBQ grill. But that’s clearly not the case for the owner of this bike. We do hope that the grill can be easily detached from the bike somehow because it would be super uncomfortable to haul this one about.

If you’re really into grilling your meat in coffins, well, here’s the grill for you. It looks like a coffin, opens and closes like a coffin, and could probably work as a coffin if that wire mesh were removed. Strangely, we think that this entire contraption was originally built to be a coffin, but somehow along the line, someone looked at it and figures that it would make a decent BBQ grill. Whoever that person was, you can’t argue that they are not visionaries.

You’ve heard of ice cream trucks and food trucks, we’ll get ready for the BBQ grill trailer/truck. This has got to be the biggest BBQ grill you’ll ever see. We seriously cannot imagine, for the life of us, a grill that could possibly bigger than this. Any bigger than this, it would be a grill building. You’ve heard of ice cream trucks and food trucks, we’ll get ready for the BBQ grill trailer/truck. The only downside to this fantastic BBQ grill and truck machine is that you can probably not park it in your backyard, and your partner would probably blow several gaskets if you brought one home.

The Predator movies have consistently made bank at the box office. The movie series is based on a predatory alien species that looks exactly like, well, like this BBQ grill. In the movies, the predator has crazy camouflage skills and can disappear and appear at will. However, it seems that’s not the case here. This predator is stationary and will probably stand at any cookout. Seriously, you can’t look at something like this and not pass comment. That’s literally impossible.

Have you ever looked at a repurposed machine and thought that, well, I could never have done something like that? That’s exactly what we thought when we saw this picture. And yes, this is precisely what you think it is; a car that was repurposed to be a BBQ grill. Amazingly, the car still works.

A lot of times, art is useful only for aesthetic appeal. For example, the painting of the Mona Lisa has no other uses. It can’t be used as a blanket, it can’t be used as a weapon, and it can’t even be used as a suitable mat. However, sometimes, art does have other uses than just aesthetics. For example, this BBQ grill is first and foremost a work of art. It’s literally a work of art that can sometimes be used as a BBQ grill, and that’s all about that.

Sports cars are nice. But sports cars that are actually BBQ grills in disguise? Well, that’s a bit complicated. Now, the thing about this grill is that we literally cannot determine why it exists. Seriously. It looks good, sure, and will probably turn a few heads, but why does it exist? It’s impractical in every sense, and it’s difficult to imagine something like this packed in a garage somewhere.

Oh, another thing. When the ironman grill is open, it kinda looks like the helmet of a Roman warrior, which is very interesting.

Like everything in this world, even cars get old and go out of fashion. And when they do, what’s the right thing to do? Chuck them in the incinerator? Sell them for pennies? Leave them to gather dust in an abandoned warehouse somewhere? Or open them up, remove the engines, and set up a grill? Well, we know what option the owner of this vehicle chose.


The Hulk is probably the best representation of the raw undiluted rage that’s goes through the human mind whenever we get too hungry. And it’s only poetic that this BBQ gril is made right in the image of the Hulk. Just look at the detail on those chains. That kind of workmanship isn’t something you can get everywhere. In fact, you probably can’t get something like this anywhere. To have a grill like this, you need to set out searching for someone to help you fashion it.

We’ve seen an awful lot of BBQ grills made out of cars— in cars— and with cars. But we’ve not seen one made out of wheels. Well, until now anyway. And we seriously should have expected it. This may look crude, but it seems like it would be pretty easy to make, and it looks like it has great utilit

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Yeah, it’s a BBQ grill with a body that looks like something Hades recently turned loose on the planet. This grill may be blackened and way beyond its best days (if it had any— we are suspecting that it didn’t), but it still looks pretty good. Well, good, in this case, is subjective.

Minions are tiny yellow creatures who have one or two eyes. They don’t speak English (or human language) and often babble along. Now, you can say a lot about these creatures, but you wouldn’t call them evil. Well, maybe you’d call them evil. But you wouldn’t call them very evil, right?
Well, this grill kinda upturns that narrative. The minion here isn’t yellow, isn’t agreeable, and is holding something that looks like an ax. Add that to the fact that it literally has burning eyes and mouth, and this starts to look real bad, real quick.
Anyway, this BBQ grill does look quite creative, and we’d give a penny (or several) to get into the mind of the person who dreamt this up.

It’s very difficult to leave us speechless. But this grill— well this grill does that. The tiny stubs around it make us think it’s supposed to a huge brick of Lego, but the pipes around it tell a different story. What’s this supposed to be, and why does it look so great? Those are two questions that we fear may never get answered.

And yet, another Volkswagen bus. This one continues with the basic design of the previous grills, however, it’s a little smaller than the rest. It’s also a lot more colorful. We assume that this is because it hasn’t been taken through the smoke and fire that BBQ grills are famous for going through.

If there’s ever a sale of custom and creative BBQ grills, then this grill will definitely be a best seller. Sure, it’s not as fantastic as most of the other grills. It’s definitely not as head-turning. However, it’s simple, tidy, neat, easy to clean, and most importantly, it has wheels. It’s the dream grill. But the chance that such a sale is ever gonna happen is rather close to zero.

What makes a perfect Saturday? A tiny chair that helps you relax your back, a grill on wheels, and a great view from the mountainside. Give a man that with a couple of beers, and his day is totally made.

Another minion!
Real talk— exactly how difficult is it to make a minion out of metal? On the surface, it looks pretty easy. In fact, it looks like something that’d scarcely be an inconvenience. But it’s really not. The work that goes into fashioning things like this can only really be imagined. The people who build things like this don’t do it because it’s easy. They do it even though it’s really difficult. That’s why we have no choice but to appreciate the mere hours put into crafting this.

What’s better than a shiny new car? What’s better than a shiny new Barbeque grill? Well, the answer to both questions is kinda the same thing. It’s a shiny new Carbeque. Yes, we know that the name is a bit cringy and it rolls off the tongue in an awkward way, but you can’t deny that it’s creative. And we are all about creativity here.

Before coming upon this post, you probably thought there were rather limited ways to imagine the combination of a car and a BBQ grill. But as we’ve seen, there may not be. The combination between these two classic things can be extraordinary, to say the least. And this car and BBQ grill is yet another example.

If someone walked up to you and told you that you could grill your barbecue in a revolver, you’d probably have laughed at them. You’d probably have thought they needed some sleep or something. But it turns out they could just be right. This is technically a revolver that works as a barbecue. Do you think this grill would be welcomed at a family gathering? Whatever you may think of how the grill looks like, you have to at least appreciate the utility of the big tires that come with it.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s literally a metal warthog that also works as an on-the-road BBW grill. That’s a sentence you probably never expected to read, but as you know, stranger things have indeed happened. You can say a lot of things about the design of this truck, but you can’t say that it won’t get people’s attention. And if you own a truck that sells BBQs, attention is everything you want.

How important is the internal combustion engine? The answer is extremely important. It’s basically what powers the modern world, and without it definitely wouldn’t have come this far. What better way to appreciate the miracle of the combustion engine than by building a BBQ grill that looks exactly like some hybrid definition of it.

If you were wondering how the metal representation of the eye of Sauron would look like as a BBQ grill and food stand well, you don’t have to wonder again. Here’s it in all its glory.

Robots are cool. But do you know what’s cooler than a robot? A metal robot with a BBQ grill on it’s back. We simply cannot think of a single thing cooler than that. If it exists, we’ve not yet found it. Now, the great thing about this grill is that the robot isn’t a real robot, so we don’t have to worry about the rise of artificial intelligence. At all.

What’s better than grilling on the head of the dark lord himself? Not much, we can tell you that for free. If you want people to start talking about how bad (or good) the sequels and prequels have been, well, this is the BBQ grill you should get. The problem, of course, is that there’s no place you could conceivably get it from. You’d have to contract someone to make it for you, or make it yourself— and that would certainly take you a long time. But if you put your mind and heart into it, you’d be able to do it. And if you don’t believe us— well, we find your lack of faith disturbing.

And to round it all up, we have this cute but somewhat impractical looking BBQ grill. Except you’re going to be making BBQs in the water, you probably shouldn’t make something like this. Be that as it may, we can certainly get behind the creativity to make something like this!