Think Your Bush Hog Is Tough? Check Out A Real Disc Trencher

It used to be after you clear cut an area and wanted to do something with it, you’d need to bring in a bush hog, a backhoe, a bulldozer and countless other big beasts to get the job done. Well, turns out, after the trees are gone, all you need is a solid disc trencher like the one made by Bracke Forest. It’s name? The Scarifier. If that doesn’t sound menacing, you may be in for a real show. This disc trencher manages to carve apart the ground with ease.

Turns out, Bracke Forest makes their disc trencher with multiple options – blend, puree, and fine mince meat. It all depends on the size of the project and the type of ground you have to deal with. What makes this Scarifier so incredible is that it can be easily maneuverable even through remote, treacherous terrain. It’s even got GPS so you can always find out where you are and even report that info back to your planners so they know where to go from there.

Digging The Dirt – Being Good To Mother Earth

With giant lumber operations and land cultivation, it can be really hard to find a cost efficient way to carve up the ground and still give the wildlife a good situation. This next generation of disc trenchers, excavators, and the like are all designed with the intent that good engineering and good planning can make a better situation for us all – ecologically and financially. Go figure, they’re Swedish. The Swedes are good when it comes to engineering really touch machinery for mining and lumber operations.


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But there’s actually a surprising amount of computerization in this Scarifier. There’s a computer that controls the trencher itself – making sure adjustments to pressure