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Why Tractors Should Drag Race More Often

Drag racing is one of those rare classes of motor sports that encompasses just about every form of vehicle, and tractors too. Due to their size and raw power, tractor…

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Hybrid Trucks Backed with Drones May Be The Future of Packaging

When internet shopping giant Amazon announced that it was to trial drones as a method of delivery it raised eyebrows; an audacious plan, and a great publicity stunt, but surely…

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Ferrari 458 Gets Destroyed By a Supermodel

Okay, I am about to ruin your day. That supermodel absolutely destroyed a perfectly good Ferrari and I’m going to guess car insurance won’t cover this! I guess that is…

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Kawasaki Ninja Going 300km/h Gets Passed By a Station Wagon

On the freeways, it’s common to see a Kawasaki Ninja rev up next to the nicest sports car on the road and then promptly rocket away at blazing fast speeds.…

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Ford Escort Engine Swap in 42 Seconds

It’s got to be seen to be believed. This shows off the impressive skills of five Royal British Marines out of Portsmouth who practiced for two straight weeks. As nerve…

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German Man Bashes Apart BMW in Frankfurt

BMW is one of the premier names in German engineering. Whether this automotive manufacturer is making advances in driverless technology or bringing fuel economy to the world of performance sedans…

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