Chevy Duramax Turbo Diesel vs. Touareg

Normally, when the words Chevy Duramax come up in conversation – immediately the picturesque advertisements come to mind. Loads of cinder blocks being dropped on it, driving up a steep bank pulling a skyscraper – all sorts of things. However, in this video we see a Volkswagen Touareg face off against a Chevy Duramax in a bumper pull match to set the record straight.

What’s Under Those Hoods?!

Before watching the video (or afterwards), let’s take a look at how these two models stack up against each other to get a better idea of who should win in a tug of war contest. Who would you guess would win in a pulling match?

What ended up being the most surprising thing ever is that this medium-sized SUV managed to (temporarily) out pull a much larger, arguably more powerful utility truck. (more…)

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This challenge was not to the death. With spectators standing by and attached to a measly 10,000 lb. tow strap, this contest was fated to end early.