Most Dangerous Way To Unload A Compact Track Loader

There’s the right way of doing things, and then there’s the exact opposite of it. Just mention the letters O-S-H-A on any construction work site and see foremen and managers roll their eyes. We all know the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration is theoretically there to enforce the law on safe workplace conditions but it’s becoming increasingly common for OSHA inspectors to look the other way. Featured is a pristine John Deere 333D Compact Track Loader – the sort of equipment used in large terraforming projects – being offloaded in the most unconventional way possible.

It’s no secret that loaders and anything with a crane attachment are tempted to find gray areas while getting off a trailer. But here’s the thing: pictured here is probably a cumulative of over a million dollars net worth between maintenance, insurance, manpower, and actual equipment. You’d think they’d be willing to drop another couple thousand to have an actual ramp in place to offload a $400,000 piece of essential equipment. Apparently, the job site manager has complete faith in the abilities of this John Deere load operator to use a dinky chain for leverage in getting this CTL off the trailer and onto the ground.

Forklift Trucks And Heavy Equipment Operators Bending The Rules

We’ve seen it all before – forklift operator or a backhoe needs to get his rig on the ground and moving. The only problem? Someone forgot to pack a ramp. Instead of doing it the safe way, heavy equipment operators can often be guilty of finding creative maneuvers to leverage their cranes or fork lifts to hold their own weight.

This gets sketchy quick. And here, you see a single chain be the only thing in between disaster and success. That’s just crazy! It’s one thing to offload a Bobcat Mini Excavator off a grounded trailer – that involves next to no effort. But taking a massive CTL down a ten foot drop is just asking for trouble.


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That’s a shame, too, because John Deere makes some fantastic heavy construction equipment including bulldozers, skid steers, and excavators. It’d be a shame for a person to g