Ingenious Trick For Unloading An Excavator

This German shopkeep is more than a little dubious as to how this Kubota excavator operator is going to get his excavator off the back of a dump truck. But never fear, this guy knows what he’s doing. There’s the right way to offload an excavator – and then there’s the creative way. Using the backhoe’s crane and the sled is certainly a chancey way of doing it, but I think we all know that this guy knows what he’s doing. You still have to see it to believe it, though. Offloading an excavator from the back of a dump truck takes a bit of clever ingenuity, a lot of patience, and definitely a bit of brass.

Keep in mind – for the less trained excavator operators out there, this isn’t a ‘first time, give it a try’ sort of option. It takes careful planning and more than a little finesse. That’s because this Kubota crane needs to stay balanced and timing is of the essence. We’ve covered other articles where excavator operators do it all wrong. Thankfully, here, those operators lucked out something fierce. There was one where a guy tried to take a Compact Track Loader off the back by leveraging his entire backend off the back of the flatbed using only a chain as a counterbalance.

That’s taking TOO much chance. This method, is a bit more tried and true. Especially for European construction where roads aren’t as wide and space is limited, it’s all the more important to find clever ways to get heavy equipment offloaded in an efficient manner. Germans for the win. (more…)

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We usually don’t take sides in the brand war for excavators. After all, if it’s got a proven record of performance out in the construction yard, what’s the point in taking s