Why Tractors Should Drag Race More Often

Drag racing is one of those rare classes of motor sports that encompasses just about every form of vehicle, and tractors too. Due to their size and raw power, tractor races have been growing in popularity. Here you’ll see a man on a modified Kubota farm tractor, a small model, fitted with a frame and wheels on which he stands, taking on – and beating – a performance pick up on the drag strip. It’s an impressive performance, as well as being funny and thought-provoking. The man in question is unquestionably mad, but he is carrying on the long tradition of ‘run what you brung’ that pervades in many areas of US motorsports.

We wonder what gave him the inspiration to drag race a tractor: perhaps he responded to a bet, or maybe he simply realized the potential – in speed and entertainment terms – of his mount. What he certainly has considered is that his tractor has certain advantages over a traditional drag strip racing vehicle. On the face of it, a small tractor like the one shown doesn’t look much like it could take on a truck, let alone a car, but we have to consider one very large advantage: it is much, much lighter than a full-bodied vehicle.

The rider has simply bolted on a frame with wheels – much like a chariot from Roman times – and uses the tractor unit at the front as his power. It’s just him, the frame, and the motor. The truck, on the other hand, is carrying hundreds of pounds more weight, which offsets its colossal power advantage.  It’s a clever concept, albeit one that we can’t see catching on across the board!


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So, now we know that a tractor can beat a truck, how do we move forward? Are we to lobby the drag racing governing bodies to introduce a tractor class? Perhaps we should encourage