Looks Like This Truck Driver Forgot To Lock The Brakes

As one truck driver pointed out to me when he saw this — “no loss, mate, it’s just a Renault Magnum!” I laughed but you gotta admit, seeing a truck hanging out the back of a ferry is a sure way to drive confidence in your supplier. “Oh good, looks like our transport is arriving. What’s that? Oh, it’s our cargo hanging precariously out the back of a ferry.” At least the truck driver managed to jam the brakes or something because it does not appear to be fairing well. It’s just one more hazard of not paying attention when you load onto a ferry.

Not only are you packed in like a sardine in a can when you load a passenger car or truck onto a ferry, something as little as a bumpy wave can test the mettle of each vehicle’s brake systems. That’s why it’s important to secure the jake brake and parking brakes before going about your business. Also, let’s just hope the driver was sitting on the top deck when his truck decided to plunge out the back. You’re going to need a telescopic fork lift to try to leverage that truck back onto dock and we’re just guessing that the bill for repairing the vessel is going to be none too pretty.

5 Little Tricks And Tips For Riding On The Ferry

Whether you’re parking a semi trailer into the cargo hold or taking a weekend ride out on the island, taking a ferry is a fast and convenient way to keep your wheels under you when you get to that scenic destination. If you’ve ever watched the 1973 version of the Wicker Man starring Christopher Lee, you’re likely to see that making it out to remote islands is no easy feat. In that movie, the police detective uses a sea boat to get onto the island and then motors in to shore. Now, if you have cargo like a picnic basket or even several weeks of supplies, you’re likely to want to take the ferry.


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However, if you’re going to take a ferry, here’s a couple tips: