Mercedes New Off-Road Truck is a Luxurious Beast

Mercedes just released their version of a mobile home, yes – a mobile home, that blows every other mobile home out of the water. You will love the luxury that Mercedes always offers on the inside – a Bose sound system, real bird’s-eye maple veneer, light-weight natural stone, and genuine breathable leather. And if you love big engines that can handle just about any terrain, this tank of an exterior and mechanical engineering is what you’ve been waiting for. The new Zetros from Mercedes can provide you with the off-road truck that is ready to take you anywhere under any conditions, even the most extreme ones. The Zetros truck has a body measuring 220.5 inches long by 94.5 inches wide.

It also comes equipped with the following:

  • a 7.2-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine with 240 kW
  • capable of producing 322 HP
  • six-speed automatic transmission
  • all-wheel drive
  • high ground clearance
  • massive 16.00 R 20 off-road tires
  • single tires
  • three differential locks
  • two-stage transfer case
  • climbing ability of 80 percent
  • maximum degree of articulation of 2x500mm
  • fording depth of up to 1190mm
  • power generator
  • solar energy system with Lithium-Ion batteries
  • a tank of 600 liters of diesel fuel
  • a tank of 300 liters for fresh water


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However, this does not limit it from offering you first class luxury to enjoy during your trips. The Mercedes-Benz Zetros mobile home truck was built in collaboration with Hüne