Dodge Ram 2500 On A 10-Wheeled Track Takes On A Mud Pit

Bog hunters are a rare breed of outdoor truckers. They look for the swampiest, soupiest, absolute cruddiest conditions to sink their babied monster mudding trucks into. And that’s precisely what we’re expecting to happen when we see a veritable graveyard waiting for what looks like a tank had a baby with a Dodge Ram 2500. The results, though? You have to see this Dodge Ram 2500 track buggy to believe it.

First off, when constructing a track buggy for mudding, keep in mind there’s only one way to go: turbo charged diesel. There’s no substitute other than straight ethanol injected mayhem. Going into it with that understanding, this guy definitely took it to the next level with his super modified Dodge Ram. Let’s make no mistakes here – a stock Dodge Ram 2500 is nowhere near powerful enough to run a 10-wheeled track. The differential gears alone to transfer power to those suckers requires an extremely beefy twin turbo-charged diesel like an International or a 6.7L Cummins.

What’s this mud trucker’s secret to track buggy success? He ain’t telling. We searched high and low to see what his process is, but apparently the owner is keeping it real quiet. And who wouldn’t? The guy is basically driving an unarmored tank through bog that would probably eat up a tank. And this isn’t his only time featuring his truck for an audience of eager onlookers! He’s got other clips where he lets the treads get down deep into the mud and churn it up like it was clam chowder – that’s some serious torque.


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Mudding is no simple matter. You need the right equipment set to the right engine specs, and there’s a whole bunch of “backyard” engineering at play. For this, we ne