You Won’t Believe the Engine on This Bike!

Hey Snoopy, meet the new Red Baron. This may not be the fastest motorcycle you have ever seen by any means, but I bet it is the most awesome. It is a custom-made chopper aptly named the “Red Baron.” The bike was built by a custom German bike shop. By all accounts, they had a blast during the build, as evidenced by the smiles on their faces when it is taken for an inaugural spin. You can tell these guys live for this sort of thing. The fact that it is themed out with the Red Baron is icing on the cake for them. Though this does not show the machine stretched out in full form, it does allow us to get an up close and personal view of all its glory from the perspective of the build team and owner. Let’s unpack what you are actually looking at, shall we?

The Intricacies of the Build

To begin with, look at all of that chrome. Chrome makes anything more appealing, and always makes an engine pop. However, the amount of chrome on this thing would blind you if it were facing the sun. Look up the Archimedes death ray and you will see what I mean. The engine on this bike could serve as a giant death ray laser because of all the chrome bling. Plus, chrome is pretty expensive so you can only imagine what it would cost to outfit an engine like this. It could be so expensive that the owner might charge you just for looking at it! Next, you move around the body and notice the beautiful, custom red paint job. It is so pristine that the Baron himself might shed a tear or two of happiness if he were alive to see it.

The build team is keen on detail, even with the paint. Notice the bomb that rests on the gas tank in full view. Notice the German style detailing on the back fin, as well as the words written in German on the fake bomb. The word at the end of the sentence “Richthofen”, is actually the name of the Red Baron.


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See, you learned something today. There’s even a nice little prop spinner mounted on the front of the engine, giving a head nod to his airplane. Finally, we get to the real beau