Top 10 Funny Pictures At Auto Repair Shops


What Does This Light Mean?

Top 10 Funny Pictures At Auto Repair Shops - Burning Wheels

Here is the first image on our “Top 10 Funny Pictures At Auto Repair Shops.” Hey does this mean there is something going on with the brakes, perhaps? Well – good news is that it’s certainly not the engine or the battery. Bad news is that yes there is absolutely an issue ongoing with the brakes. Best of luck with that one, my friend.


Look Out

Possum - Top 10 Funny Pictures At Auto Repair Shops

Here is our next picture from the auto repair shops. During the winter months, animals look for warmer places to live for survival. A common shelter is inside vehicles. These are ideal locations because they are small and compact spaces, plus the engine stays warm long after it is shut off. If an animal enters your car, the problems they can cause is chewing wires, seats, and interiors. We bet the people at Advance Auto Parts and Autozone would not be too happy to see this.



Auto Repair Shops Bad Parts Photo - Lumpy Tires

Surprised it didn’t explode into the shop! As crazy as this looks, it’s actually kind of cool-looking. But yeah, definitely going to need to put a new set of Goodyear tires on that bad boy. I kind of want to pop one of the pimples just to see the explosion that ensues. But the boss man said “no!”


Customer Came in Saying He’s Having Some Steering Issues

Now – while we applaud the ingenuity and resolve of this driver to even make it to the shop, we have to warn strongly against using some hand tools as a steering wheel replacement. However, late on in the post you will see a starring wheel replacement we can approve of. So hang around for that.


Duct Tape Is A Temporary Solution

Unless it’s not. The problem with duct tape is the tire rotation on the road or weather can melt it. However, that is why it is not a permanent fix.


Just A Warning

Here’s the safety cord, just pull on this calmly if all the sudden your car won’t stop accelerating. Which seems like a pretty crucial task when operating a vehicle. Well, this falls under the bad car repairs category.


Car Goes Bump When I Drive

We warned you this was going to be bad. How much pressure were they trying to put in that tire? The wheel can be salvaged but this tire is done.


Should Have Used A Wix Oil Filter

The auto shop claimed that the customer swore he hadn’t driven his Camaro in two years. That’s his oil filter there on the right. So…what do you think?  Check out the Fram Oil Filter Guide, we’d suggest, cause you clearly need one.


When I Saw This I Told Her It Wasn’t Going To Be Cheep

This is honestly one of the better Robin’s nest we’ve ever seen. This took some time to put together. Don’t worry, the eggs were safely relocated and hatched successfully under human intervention – and the car was fixed up nice and new as well. A happy ending.


Duct Tape Is Always The Solution

 Cracks in the tire? Use duct tape. Got a flat? Use duct tape. In other words, you can use duct tape to hold old tires together by patching holes and augmenting your worn tire treads. What could go wrong? Oddly enough, this funny duct tape solution actually works, though we wouldn’t recommend it long term.

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