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Touareg vs. Chevy Duramax

Chevy Duramax Turbo Diesel vs. Touareg

Normally, when the words Chevy Duramax come up in conversation – immediately the picturesque advertisements come to mind. Loads of cinder blocks being dropped on it, driving up a steep…

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HOC Flying Flaming Pig

The Ultimate Fighter Jet Shows Us What It Can Do

Pigs really do fly. At least as far as this is concerned they do. Yet our pigs go by another name. They are more commonly known as F111 fighter jets.…

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truck unload

Truck Driver Unloads Like a Boss

In the United States, there are extremely strict rules for the loading and offloading of trucks. Each vehicle has a Gross Vehicle Weight which it cannot – by law –…

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HOC Stuck Russian Tractor Web

Unbelievable Stuck Truck You Have To See

Remember those old westerns where the Cowboys will try to drive their herd of cattle across the river only to get stuck halfway and have to deal with the threat…

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cat vs jeeps

Caterpillar Dozer vs 20 Toyotas in Tug O’ War

Not all fights are fair. So when we see twenty – count twenty – Toyota J30s and J40s lined up along an I-beam against a single Caterpillar D8 bulldozer from…

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HOC Excavator Unload 1

Ingenious Trick For Unloading An Excavator

This German shopkeep is more than a little dubious as to how this Kubota excavator operator is going to get his excavator off the back of a dump truck. But…

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Red Baron Bike

You Won’t Believe the Engine on This Bike!

Hey Snoopy, meet the new Red Baron. This may not be the fastest motorcycle you have ever seen by any means, but I bet it is the most awesome. It…

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nissan vs woman

When a Nissan GT-R Races a Track Star

The Nissan GT-R supercar was born on a race track and created by the Nismo crew before being brought to market. Nissan prides itself on the creation of one of…

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pontiac gto challenger

Pontiac GTO vs Buick: All Bark No Bite

This may be a prank, but the fact remains some people do foolishly race each other on the streets. High performance cars are not new to the USA, and the…

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peterbilt truck

You’ve Got To See This Peterbilt Semi-Truck Drag Race

Eighteen wheelers, semi trucks, tractor trailers… Whatever you want to call them, they’re the massive behemoths rolling down the road that keep the shelves in the grocery store stocked, the…

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