10 Unique Residential Custom Mailboxes


Boat Motor Mailbox

10 Unique Residential Custom Mailboxes - Mailbox

Take a look at the first of our 10 unique residential custom mailboxes. If custom mailboxes tell us anything about the homeowner’s hobbies, this one leaves little to the imagination. “Hey Bill, what should we do with the old boat motor?”. He replies, “Oh, I don’t know, let’s turn it into a mailbox!” However, how could you fault something so extraordinary? You won’t find this for sale at Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards.


Bender From Futurama Mailbox

Bender From Futurama Mailbox - 10 Unique Residential Custom Mailboxes

The next unique residential custom mailboxes is Bender. This creative family has an obvious affinity for the TV show Futurama. More importantly, they have good taste in characters with a full size Bender mailbox. However, we have no doubt the mailman will really get a kick out of this one.


Fresh Powder

Unique Residential Custom Mailboxes For Sale - Fresh Powder

We should be able to live-stream each USPS employees first day on the job in this town. This is hilarious. What a creative use of a good pair of ski’s and some quality ingenuity. Blazemark Trail certainly has one of the coolest decorative mailbox we’ve ever seen! You won’t find this for sale in stores.


Transformer Mailbox

The transformer mailbox is the fourth on our “10 Unique Residential Custom Mailboxes” list. This one is really quite impressive. The detail and creativity here is great. However, one would think a power company owns this house. For us, on the other hand, it definitely brightened our day!


Amityville Horror

Why does this mannequin look like she comes to life the minute the sun sets? We’re not sure what type of terror she would ensure – maybe just switching up the neighborhood electrical bills – but still, a bit creepy, no? Maybe you’d rather have some custom bbq grills instead.


You’ve Got (Paul Bunyan’s) Mail

I mean my goodness, who’s large mailbox can this possibly be, God’s? Is this business receiving daily bikes in the mail? There is just no reason to justify the size of this mailbox unless they wanted to be featured in this article.


Crushed It

That outfit on that mailbox! Crushed it, girl! In short, we are loving these funky, awesome mailboxes. And we hope you are too. If you like these, you want to see some custom golf carts.


Here, Fishy Fishy

The big mouth bass just wasn’t enough. They had it as just the fish for years. However, one day the homeowner woke up and said…”You know what, we need a touch more danger around this house.” Enter: The Great White.


The Big Unit

This is for the family who seems to always be ordering the Samsung 42-inch TV and Whirlpool microwave every other week. Just throw those in the mailbox here, Mr. USPS Man.  In other words, we bet they totally have a gold cart with a flatbed to pull down the lane and retrieve they’re oversized mail.



Does your mailman like popcorn? If so, they might have mistakenly placed a 2-minute pop in a bag of AMC theaters caliber kerneled corn in your mailbox. On the other hand, you get free popcorn. That is a win-win in my book.

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